What We do

Deals in:-

  • Flavours, Fragrances, Raw Materials & Additives for Food, Cosmetic & Different Industries.
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Plastic Additives, Masterbatches, & Waxes.
  • Rubber, Latex & Chemicals.

We have a range of pharmaceutical ingredients including active pharmaceutical ingredients, Excipients and Tablet coating Materials.

Rubber, Latex & Chemicals.

These include Natural Rubber, Synthetic rubber, Speciality Chemicals, Vulcanizing accelerator, Antioxidants/Antiozonants/Retarders, etc

Plastic Additives, Masterbatches & Waxes.

These include Light Stabilizer, Anti-Static, PPA, Anti Split, Oxo-degradable, Impact Modifier, Cleaning Compound, White MB, Calcium Filler MB, Color MB among others

Flavors, Fragrances, Raw materials and additives for food & Cosmetics

These include Flavors for Bakery products, Beverages etc., Fragrances for Air, Cosmetics etc. and Raw materials & additives for food, cosmetic and different industries

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